ISF is an international school where the Japanese language can be studied that aims at providing students with the chance to understand the value of the cultural differences between countries and to foster a spirit of multicultural integration and awareness as a member of the international society.
Our High School Division is the school that provides non-native Japanese speakers (Alternative School) with study programs that are taught by experienced teachers from the Funabashi International Language School (parallel established school). Students take classes on the Japanese language and the various other subjects necessary to pass college entrance examinations and to be eligible to graduate from high school by taking the correspondence course of Yoyogi High School, and then move on to either a domestic or foreign university. In addition, Japanese students wishing to study abroad or aiming at gaining global communication abilities study together in order to foster human resources that possess an international outlook and independence. The Junior High School Division provides classes for students that need Japanese language training and supplementary tutorials.

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